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Following a ten year career in financial journalism that took me from London to Sydney (and back again), writing for The Daily Telegraph, The Australian Financial Review and the Sun Herald, I changed course in 2010, with the premature birth of my son. I rediscovered my love for the therapeutic art of hand knitting and created my knitted textiles brand, Crowns & Coronets, with pure and natural fibres at its heart.

Crowns & Coronets began in a London flat in the design centre of Notting Hill with a mission to clothe little princes and princesses in eco and natural knitwear with the look of nostalgic, smart, British chic. Six years (and seven house moves) later, the fabulously British brand, continues to grow and evolve, just like a piece of knitting, getting bigger and more sumptuous every day.

My tiny baby is now a bright robust chappie and he’s joined by two sweet little sisters; just as the debut Yak Baby Collection is soon to be joined by the British Wool Collection for older children and the HOME Collection.

Inspired by texture and tactile fibres, I hand craft my Yak Baby Collection using a marvellous eco blend of Tibetan yak down with bamboo. Yaks produce just 100g of down from their soft underbelly each year which is collected by combing during the shedding season. Yak down rivals cashmere in softness and lustre and is stronger than wool and more resilient. Coronets clothes blend yak down fibres with the finest sustainable bamboo which is excellently suited to the delicate skin of babies and children, being light, strong, anti-static, highly breathable and absorbent. Bamboo absorbs 60% more water than cotton and is also anti-fungal, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Last year, I was delighted to be launch the Crowns & Coronets HOME Collection of blankets, rugs, throws and cushions  made from 100% Wool. The fluffy Sheltand and Merino fleece are scoured and combed and the super soft unspun woollen tops are hand knitted in Chichester on the South Coast. Super-sized knitting needles (50mm in diameter), made from PVC pipes, create gargantuan 3 inch stitches: the perfect foil to display the delightfully textured and tactile cabling, linen, herringbone, moss and garter stitch. Each individual piece is carefully and lightly felted to strengthen the textiles and reduce the amount of piling. The HOME Collection is the epitome of pure, natural, country luxe.

I have been knitting since a child and my house is filled with yarn, knitted wall coverings and fab bits of furniture covered with knitted cotton ropes, knitted fabric and wool. I adore the textures and forms that knitting creates and I knit with whatever I can: my fingers, my arms, needles, chair legs and cricket stumps.

Luckily, I’m my husband knows a fair bit about wool and  can cope with the continuous knitting and felting projects around the house. His family have farmed sheep in Orange, New South Wales, Australia since 1876. Great Grandmother Gladys continues to dye, spin, and hand knit woollens from the fleece. It is by her that much of my Yak Baby Collection is influenced.

Together with leading wool weavers, spinners, fashion houses, department stores and designers Crowns & Coronets has signed up to support The Campaign for Wool.