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Celebrating winning a Roses Creative Award

May 2, 2013
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Emma Bluck, account manager, ad agency True North
(pictured left, next to Karen Hughes and Sarah Dutton)

Working with Crowns & Coronets was a breath of fresh air. They understood the value that good design can bring. Being receptive to our thoughts, our entire time working with them was collaborative, which meant we were able to enter our work for a Rose Design award, celebrating some of the best creative work in the UK! The Crowns and Coronets identity received Bronze in the Corporate Identity category, a true success all round.
What was it that we did? First and foremost we listened to the ambition behind Crowns & Coronets – to create a luxe brand, using ethically sourced materials and manufacturing processes while steering clear of unrefined ‘shabby-chic’. Then we scoped out the most appropriate creative direction portraying luxury at the heart, reinforced by handcrafted, classically British design.
So, you’ll notice the hand-stitched ‘W’ within the word ‘CROWNS’ on the front of all printed materials which elegantly reflects the handcrafted nature of the product. When turned over, this clever little piece of stitching also creates a crown symbol – a subtle nod towards the name of the brand and its luxury values.