The Great Annual Sheep Drive over London Bridge

October 7, 2016


A ewenique piece of history – the Great Annual Sheep Drive over London Bridge. I was thrilled to be witness this year, as I launched my pure wool collection of blankets, throws, bedspreads and cushions.

Of old, it was a great privilege to Freemen to drive their sheep across London Bridge instead of paying a toll. Today Freeman have re-introduced the ceremony, with herded sheep on the footpath and lots of people dressing up in fun sheepy costumes.

Just four years ago, they used stuffed sheep on wheels. This year, it was small flocks and an inaugural wool fair at Monument. There I was, surrounded by woollen wonderland, from Ewenique footstools to The Wool Room beds and bedding shops. And who should walk by to open the event but Nigel Mansell in first gear.

Thank you to everyone who patronised my shop. A delightful day and a privilege for me to meet The Worshipful Company of Woolmen.